Interweaving Knowledge and Skills to understand better questions that are not easily answerable.

'Every year, we extract almost 90 billion tons of raw materials from the Earth.'

'Comprising just 0.01% of biomass, humans have managed to uniquely alter the environment impacting all life on Earth.'

'Despite the essential roles microorganisms play in soil fertility, air and water quality, waste degra-
dation, toxin decomposition, and nutrient exchange, current research on urban microbiota is limited, and cities often view microorganisms primarily as harmful residents.'

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The project explores and communicates the positive impact of unseen entities (fungi, microorganisms, insects, worms) on urban environments, aiming to reshape city perceptions and emphasize their significance in addressing global challenges, fostering respect for ecosystems, and promoting biodiversity through new narratives.

Syn_ actively participates in the diffusion of knowledge through social interventions, research, co-creation, educational workshops, and prototyping documentation. Through exploration and unconventional approaches, Syn_ seeks to positively impact organisms and humans, hoping to shape conversations about alternative systems for restoring our connection with nature. 

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