Knowing the absolute truth

The nature of absolute truth is a subject of ongoing debate within the scientific community. What defines truth and falsehood, and is there a singular correct theory? From our early years, we are introduced to the concept of multiple truths. Consider the example of the Big Bang theory, which has prompted various hypotheses from scientists, including inflationary cosmology or cyclic cosmology. Additionally, recent discoveries facilitated by cutting-edge telescopes contribute to the expanding landscape of scientific theories.

Science continually refines its understanding through the integration of new data and observations, subjecting our knowledge to persistent questioning.

The internet, a dynamic arena for scientific discourse, serves as a hub for debates. The abundance of information available is often presented through a filter influenced by interested parties, such as financial or political entities.
Nuria explained that sometimes, even if a cure has been created for a disease it may not be developed because of its financial to cost. On a human perspective, it seems unbelievable that such choices are made when lives could be saved. 

quantum entanglement
the phenomenon whereby a pair of particles are generated in such a way that the individual quantum states of each are indefinite until measured, and the act of measuring one determines the result of measuring the other, even when at a distance from each other. wiki

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Genetic engineering

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Jorge being Jorge

Ethics of genetically modifying organism, the relationship between scientists and living organisms

Upon exploring our Bio-Zero course, I was struck by the intricate relationship scientists share with living organisms, be it micro-organisms, animals, or humans. In biology, when we discuss colonies, we are invariably referring to those that prosper and those that do not. The concept of life and death is thus translated into a scientific language.

Although death is an inherent part of scientific discoveries, it makes me wonder how humans grapple with making such impactful decisions.  For example, a team of scientists from South Korea and China created ‘double-muscled’ pigs by disrupting a single gene. This was achieved using a gene-editing technology called a TALEN. The mutation was introduced in the myostatin gene (MSTN), which inhibits the growth of muscle cells. When this gene is disrupted, the muscle cells proliferate, creating an abnormal bulk of muscle fibers. 
This raises ethical questions such as: Is it right for us to tamper with other species for our own good? Regarding humans, are there lines we shouldn’t cross? Are we in danger of transforming humanity itself in ways we can’t anticipate and would not desire?

Spirulina algae

A spirulina algae culture is the process of growing spirulina, a type of blue-green algae, in a controlled environment. Spirulina is grown in a culture medium made of water and fertilizers. Due to the high pH of this culture medium, spirulina has almost no competitors. It can be grown in various types of water, including drinking water, brackish water, water from a natural body of water, or rainwater. The culture is typically grown in a water tank that can hold around 30L of water, under lots of sunlight, and with nutrient feeds. It takes about 3-6 weeks for the live spirulina culture to grow dense enough to eat. Spirulina has gained considerable popularity in the health food industry and increasingly as a protein and vitamin supplement. It can be harvested and processed easily and has very high macro and micro nutrient contents.

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