Future Talk - Helen Torres

I eagerly awaited this seminar, anticipating a valuable introduction to philosophical concepts of responsibility, both on a small and large scale, by Helen. The session touched upon three significant inquiries: human exceptionalism, cohabitation with multispecies, and the essence of caregiving. Human exceptionalism, I learned, often neglects the existence of non-human entities within its frameworks, resulting in the oversight of crucial actors in various processes.

Visualizing human exceptionalism as a hierarchical pyramid contrasted with interconnected systems resembling Donna Haraway's String figures, I found it interesting to think about it in the intricate web of interdependence among all living beings. As I delved into Lynn Margulis's research on symbiotic relationships, my understanding of evolution shifted, challenging the conventional narratives taught in traditional education systems. Introducing such concepts earlier in my schooling might have reshaped our perception of competitiveness and fostered a more holistic understanding.

Moreover, Donna's precise language, albeit challenging to follow at times, intrigued me. Her deliberate choice of words enhances the clarity and potency of her message. Reflecting on her discourse, particularly the notion of "make kin, not babies," I found it to be a thought-provoking approach that invited deeper exploration into her work and the nuances of her language usage.

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a principle of mutual care and cooperation

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