Measuring the world

I've come across new tools for collecting data, encouraging me to consider the most appropriate ones for different situations. Some interventions don't necessarily require specific technology, and there are times when not relying on tech for data gathering can lead to unexpected outcomes.

During the seminar, we opted to use the noise sensor from the smart citizen kit, a tool unfamiliar to us. We encountered technical issues that made us rethink our reliance on technology. Reflecting on the situation, we realised we could have gathered data using our basic senses, like hearing. Consequently, we decided to record data using both methods — the smart citizen kit for one set of data and our own observations, noted in Nicolo's notebook, for what we heard.

The seminar also explored the idea of "smart cities vs smart citizen" in the scope of data collection. The concept of "smart citizens" offers a counterbalance to concerns about the potentially over-controlling nature of "smart cities." By empowering individuals with data and knowledge, smart citizens supports transparency and decentralized decision-making. This approach fosters a more democratic and participatory urban governance, addressing worries about privacy and centralized control. It underscores the importance of using technology to not only enhance efficiency but also to promote freedom and vibrant, engaged communities.

Purpose of data
How to use data
What happens when data is over-used?

Who captures data? Examples of satellites, how many are there in the world? How many are owned by military?

Data collection: as exercise we need to collect data

example of reading:

Could it be vibrations in soil?

Raspberry Pi: Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in association with Broadcom. Since 2013, Raspberry Pi devices have been developed and supported by a subsidiary of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, now named Raspberry Pi Ltd.

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Smart Citizen Kit
The Smart Citizen allows people to easily measure and collect data such as air and noise pollution from their environment, and visualize it while sharing it with everyone on its dedicated platform. All of these, while being completely open source and customizable to your needs.

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