Design Studio Class 23.10.2023 

First design intervention

What is a design intervention?

A design intervention is a design action situated in a certain context, giving the opportunity to be created with others, bringing trust and welcoming sensitive topics to be discussed.

Using design to explore new topics

From my understanding the design space helps navigate through the research process, pushes to make unknown links, have a broader vision and allows more flexibility in the process.
It allows the designer to be aware and reflect on his beliefs through experiences and use them as vessels for interventions. 

Working in collaboration

During the design studio class we pinned to a board all the pictures related to our different areas of intervention. We created groups focused on our shared interests and started thinking about our first design intervention. We started by sharing all of our research between each other and understanding each personal point of view on the subject. Topics such as waste material as a resource for emergency, access to makers education and emergency tech were discussed.

We got a few reference from our teachers
- Mireia Sallares- created a dictionary to facilitate communication in no name kitchen

- Daniela Ortiz- artist
The project Condecoración proposes to give visibility to those subjects responsible for the migratory control system through a series of violent actions inflicted on their images.

A bust representing Fabrice Leggeri, the current Executive Director of the migratory control agency FRONTEX, is attacked. Violence is also inflicted upon the images of Ilkka Laitinen - Executive Director of FRONTEX until 2015, Gil Arias - first Deputy Executive Director and Berndt Körner - current Deputy Executive Director of the agency. The project includes a poster depicting various people from four fundamental and intertwining scopes of the migratory control system: The Political, with representatives of the European Commission and Council, as well as Member States; The Economic, with subjects from diverse private companies and lobbies that create profit in the security and defense industry through border control; The Persecutory, related to agencies of control such as FRONTEX and the police of each Member State, and finally the Industry of Human Rights, which includes people from agencies such as the UNHCR, Amnesty International, Red Cross and Caritas who collaborate on legalizing and normalizing the use of violence in the migratory control system

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Shared mind map - the start of our research

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The sister's house

Sister’s House is a project initiated and managed by the non-profit organization Plateforme Citoyenne de Soutien aux Réfugiés in Brussels.

It was opened in November 2018 due to the extreme vulnerability of women with or without children, who at the time were still at Parc Maximilien, and their difficulty in finding a place to shower and sleep safely.

These women have often suffered violence in their country of origin but also during their migration journey and in Belgium, the street is also dangerous. They come mostly from Eritrea, Somalia, Libya and some other African countries and very often try to move to the United Kingdom and obtain the right of asylum.

Solidarité Logement made it possible to find a promoter waiting for permits and works for old offices that he made available free for 18 months. Solidarité Logement then organized and paid for the adaptation works (sanitary, kitchen, electricity) in 4 months ½ for an amount close to 50,000 € thanks to specific donations.

70 migrant women were able to find temporary shelter in pleasant premises, which allow for friendly and learning activities (languages…), pending a longer-term solution.

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Initial idea

When we started brainstorming all we started addressing specific topics. The main idea would be to create a design intervention within Barcelona, for an isolated community, using waste as a resource or biomaterials.

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