Traveling with a 3D printer

Bringing a 3D printer by plane

It's been a while that I've been thinking of bringing my 3D printer to Barcelona but it was at home in Brussels. I was planning the easiest and safest way of bringing it and started researching. There was 3 options, bringing it by car, shipping it and taking it by plane. Most people on the internet seemed to think that shipping it would be the best option, as I wasn't ready to drive so many hours. As I wasn't in physically in Brussels my friend proposed to take it with him on the plane. We both thought it would be an interesting experiment to see how the whole procedure would go. My friend went as far as booking a seat for the printer in the plane.

Our first thought was to contact the airplane company to explain the situation. Vueling airlines concluded that it wasn't against any laws and as long as they could investigate each piece it would be fine.

Compared to what we expected, he didn't have any issues during the security check. Security still inspected the box but nothing else. He mainly had issues when registering the printer at the airport and before security, but nothing major. They were mainly intrigued by the big box that it was in it.

Conclusion- You can take the plane with a 3D printer!

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