Atlas of Weak Signals

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Process of building my initial design space

The process of building my initial design space through research allowed for the consideration of ideas that might not have been explored otherwise. This process helped in uncovering unexpected connections between specific topics, which can serve as bridges for new approaches and thinking as a designer.

Furthermore, it provided me with the opportunity to delve into subjects that were previously unfamiliar, sparking new interests. As a result, I identified the subjects on which I had the most knowledge or that triggered my curiosity the most. The primary subjects that consistently emerged in my personal analysis were technology for equality, climate consciousness, and the refugee crisis. 

Weak Signal card game played in a small group

We engaged in a group exercise, playing the Weak Signal card game with Manuja, Dhrishya, and Carlotta. It was an enjoyable experience as we explored our diverse knowledge on the topics presented on the cards. The two weak signals we selected were 'gender fluidity' and 'circular data economy,' and we proceeded to define these terms and establish connections with subjects like 'information sharing, safe spaces, and inclusive design.'

In our exploration, 'gender fluidity' and 'co-creation' were linked through the concept of exploring communities to foster a deeper understanding and inclusivity among diverse groups. We connected 'circular data economy' with 'coding' due to its association with open-source projects. Additionally, we associated 'co-creation' with 'macrobiotic literacy,' emphasizing the potential to integrate macrobiotic literacy into our daily lives.

Furthermore, 'coding' and 'macrobiotic literacy' found common ground through the study of genetic code and bio-hacking.

This exercise proved to be intriguing as it unveiled unexpected connections between subjects that hold personal significance to us. ♥️

Weak Signal initial design space

In summary

In summary, the connections between "Technology for Equality" and "Climate Consciousness" underscore the importance of equitable resource access and raising awareness through technology. The integration of technology equality with maker education could lead to a more inclusive and accessible approach, positively impacting digital gender disparities and empowering underrepresented communities. Additionally, the fusion of climate consciousness with computational thinking and design offers ideas for addressing pressing issues. These linkages, alongside connections to local material recirculation and regenerative design, collectively present a comprehensive framework for a more sustainable and equitable future.

Creating all these links offers us a panel of topics and directions to explore throughout the year. These are all challenging and complex issues to tackle but it is very exciting. :) 

Map of Weak Signal through multiscalar perspective

Weak Signal design space for now

Sharing our 'personal Design Spaces' in small groups

Sharing our ‘personal Design Spaces’ enabled us to understand personal points of view, common interests, and knowledge on specific subjects such as local material recirculation, maker education, food crisis, and refugee crisis. ♥️

Suggestions for the deck

- Connectivity for displaced populations and communities: linking refugee tech with design for social innovation, and maker education.
- Disruptive innovation technology: linking it to AI, climate conscience, and circular economy.
- Emergency architecture systems and design: linking it to refugee tech, digital fabrication, and co-creation. 

Weak Signal card game with the class

The whole class participated in the "Weak Signal" card game. We were all able to collectively make links between certain topics and share ideas. ♥️

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